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Brexit humiliation: Incendiary claim Theresa May and David Cameron snubbed by John Major

There are five living former Prime Ministers: Sir John Major (1990-1997), Tony Blair (1997-2007), Gordon Brown (2007-2010), David Cameron (2010-2016) and Theresa May (2016-2019). Speaking to the Mail on Sunday a source said: “John Major basically blanked David Cameron and Theresa May and would only talk to his fellow anti-Brexit chums Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The three of them were huddled together whispering and ignoring everyone else.” A Whitehall source explained: “Major has made no secr

Prospect of Corbyn and Abbott running national security makes Patel 'feel sick'

Ms Patel told The Sun on Sunday she feared Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister and Diane Abbott becoming Home Secretary. The Home Secretary is responsible for internal affairs, immigration, policing and security. Ms Patel explained: “Just the thought of those two in charge of our national security makes me feel ill. "They have sided with and defended some of the most appalling individuals and terrorist groups. “In any other circumstances, I am not sure Jeremy Corbyn or Diane Abbott would even

Michelle Obama receives heartwarming social media support as she sets out vision

She met with people from the Girls Opportunity Alliance one of the programs run by the Foundation. The alliance says it seeks to empower adolescent girls through education. Mrs Obama wrote: “Hard work like this takes courage. It takes leadership. Michelle Obama joins Meghan Markle in being immortalised in comic NCIS: When did Michelle Obama star in NCIS? “And these leaders are making strides in global girls’ education by breaking through the barriers that keep adolescent girls out of school.

UK weather forecast: Britain braces for freezing day with fog expected

Britain is set for a drier but chillier day According to Met Office meteorologist Sophie Yeomans there will be a chilly start to the day for most. Across north England and west Wales there will still be cloud and dampness. Ms Yeomans explained: “It will be brightening up elsewhere. UK floods map: Hundreds of warnings issued - Will YOU be affected? Venice flooding: Urgent weather warning as tide to rise above 5 FEET “Especially as we head into Monday, we are expecting sunny weather right acro

Kate Middleton surprise: Duchess takes Prince Louis to weekly Monkey Music sessions

The revelation was made by the Mail on Sunday. The sessions cost £12. There are several events across the country but for security reasons the one attended by Kate and Louis cannot be revealed. The classes are led by a monkey puppet. Mums are asked to sing and dance with their babies. They hold scarves whilst dancing around the rooms. The Monkey Music website says: “Trusted by parents since 1992, there are 4-stages of classes, tailored specifically to the needs of babies, toddlers and pre-schoo

Fears of all out war surge as China unveils new wonder weapon to isolate Taiwan

As per South China Morning Post, 16 of the DF-17s were on parade on the October 1 National Day celebrations. Zhou Chenming, a Beijing based military expert said the DF-17 had extended China’s range and gave China the ability to prevent the US aircraft carrier strike group from intervening. Mr Zhou said: “The DF-17 is designed as an offensive weapon amid Beijing’s defensive strategy to build a fence outside the Taiwan Strait to stop US warships from entering and intervening in any possible war be

Remainer civil war: Disaster for second referendum campaign as chair resigns

Mr Rudd, the brother of former Home Secretary Amber Rudd, has resigned from his positions as chairman of both People’s Vote and Open Britain. Anne Wyman is the new chair of Open Britain while the former will wait until after the general election. The People’s Vote campaign is demanding a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, that could overturn the first. Mr Rudd had taken control last month after ousting campaign boss James McGrory and communications chief Tom Baldwin. The move

Hong Kong uprising: Protestors send defiant warning to China as insurrection continues

The special administrative region of China has been rocked by protests for months. The protests were originally over a controversial extradition bill that could have seen Hong Kongers extradited to Mainland China, but has since evolved to be about wider concerns about democracy in the former British colony. Speaking to the BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse, the masked protestor explained: “I believe everyone of us is afraid of being shot by live rounds. “If they want to fire live rounds, then they will f

Michelle Obama joins Meghan Markle in being immortalised in super heroine comic

Ned Bear’s Real-Life superwoman project also includes Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex , Serena Williams and Sandra Oh. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern features on the first page after the Fearless Girl sculpture. Nerd Bear founder Amar Hussain said: "We wanted to celebrate some defining moments over the last couple of years and the incredible women behind them. "For this we thought it would be fitting to turn these superwomen into comic book strips and the Rea

US Army tests new wonder weapon that could change warfare forever report the weapon is being tested at Fort Benning, Georgia. It is believed to have been made b Skyborne Technologies Pty. Ltd. Ed Davis, director of the Army Futures Command Manuever Battle Lab said: "One of the priorities, especially for the Infantry Center, is counter-defilade.” Defilade refers to the the protection of forces from enemy gunfire. The drone weighs 14 pounds, has a two mile range and can fire three grenades. Two years ago, army chiefs ended an agreement with Orbital

Royal split: Kate’s private secretary quits - ‘Time to move on!’

Catherine Quinn who has held the role since October 2017 has decided to move on for a new challenge. The Daily Mail reports Kate and Ms Quinn will be parting on good terms. A source revealed: “Catherine is a thoroughly lovely lady and has achieved a lot working for the duchess. Kate royal first as she’s to star in Christmas TV show with Mary Berry “But she simply wants to take a step back and focus again on her charity work. “Working for the duchess was actually never a job she had ever thoug

NASA terrified it could be shut out from the International Space Station next year

The report blames commercial crew delays from Boeing and SpaceX, neither of whom are likely to be certified for regular flights to the ISS by the summer. SpaceX will have a certification review in January while Boeing will have to wait until the following month. The report concludes “final vehicle certification for both contractors will likely be delayed at least until summer 2020 based on the number of ISS and CCP [commercial crew programme] certification requirements that remain to be verified

Polling guru John Curtice in shock confession on votes Brexit Party will steal in election

Several Brexit Party candidates including Peter Udale (Cotswolds) and Philip Walling (Workington) have withdrawn and urged others to do so as well in order to avoid splitting the Brexit vote. Party leader Nigel Farage will not be standing. Writing in the Telegraph, polling expert Sir John said: “On average the polls currently suggest that while 20 per cent of those who voted Leave are minded to vote for Nigel Farage, just one per cent of those who backed Remain would do so – and these are likely

South China Sea fury: Secretive Beijing in new drone tests - but won't reveal why or where

The autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Sea-Wahle weighs 200kg and is 3m (9.8ft) long. The mission path has not been revealed but the drone travelled over a distance of 1,250 miles, enough to cover the Paracel and Spratly Islands, which make up part of China’s territorial claims, and return to the naval base in Sanya. An announcement by the programme team led by Dr Huang Yan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ robotics institute said: “Sea-Whale 2000’s development is to meet the long-term deep-s

Princess Beatrice shock: Fiancee Eduardo's-ex shows off amazing body after strict diet

Mr Mozzi was previously engaged to Dara Huang, with whom he has a son, Christopher. As reported by the Mail on Sunday, Ms Huang has given up bread, pasta and potatoes. She took to Instagram last week to declare: “Dear carbs, I miss you so much.” This was followed by a selfie at Annabel’s. She was wearing a crop top revealing her midriff. Beatrice will be the sixth of the Queen’s eight grandchildren to marry with Mrs Huang reported to have received an invitation. As Lady Louise Windsor and James

Corbyn's horror £1.2tn spending splurge mocked by disgusted social media users

The report looked at Labour pledges made at the last election and those made since. Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill last week blocked plans to publish the analysis by Treasury chiefs. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was reported to have “hit the roof” when an official called to give him advance notice. Labour claimed the publication would constitute an “abuse of power” due to the sensitive political nature of the document ahead of the general election. An unauthorised copy was obtained by T

Corbyn misery: Low income families turn on Labour with one million to back Farage

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) found Labour have lost 10 percent of their support from voters with a household income of lower than £17,000 since April. These means just 36 percent of these voters are backing Jeremy Corbyn’s party. As reported by The Telegraph, 18 percent of these voters will vote for the Brexit Party, accounting for 1.4 million votes. The Tories have increased by four percent in the same period, enjoying 23 percent whilst 13 percent say they would back the Liberal Democra

UK flooding LIVE updates: Woman dies in Derbyshire after being ‘swept away’ by floods

The Met Office has warned of “prolonged and occasionally heavy” rainfall throughout Friday, with up to three inches falling in some areas. The weather warnings from the Met Office have now expired, but with more rain expected there are more than 200 flood warnings in place. Roads and some rail routes have been closed as flooding disrupts much of the UK. According to the Met Office, on Thursday half of the average rainfall for the whole of November fell in parts of the Midlands and Yorkshire. Th

Derbyshire flooding: Woman swept away in horror flood as river bursts its banks on Derwent

Parts of England were hit with a month’s worth of rain in just one day. The woman’s body was found hours after she was swept into Derbyshire’s River Derwent. Whilst visiting the area, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “We need to prepare and we need to be investing in defences. Heavy rains caused the river to burst its banks. According to the BBC, the woman was reported to have been swept away in Rowsely before her body was found about two miles away in Darley Dale. Derbyshire Police have info

Corbyn on the brink: Labour may introduce baffling strategy of two leaders should he fail

As reported by Huffington Post, a potential plan is to elect two co-leaders - one representing northern Leave areas and another representing Remain supporting big cities. The co-roles would be gender balanced, the Green Party operated by this measure from 1992 to 2008 with a male and female principal speaker and since 2016 with co-leaders. One MP said: “The Greens make it work, so why can’t we? It would let us represent the smaller towns and the big cities with different voices. “It would get u
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