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Amazon Rainforest fire LIVE: Devastating fires are 'INCREASING' - Amazon fires latest

Brazil’s Amazon basin is home to the largest tropical forest in the world, and a wealth of animal species - from insects to giant cats. The forest’s carbon store is vital to the process of slowing down the pace of global warming, as trees pull in more carbon dioxide than they put back into the atmosphere, according to a study undertaken by NASA in 2014. Wildfires are common in the Amazon’s dry season, but this year has seen record numbers of raging blazes in the region. More than 74,000 fires ha

New plot to block Brexit REVEALED - Heidi Allen plots alliance with pro-EU Tories

Heidi Allen has called on pro-EU Tories to join her in a remain alliance or face being unseated Ms Allen, who was a a Tory MP until earlier this year, has asked her former colleagues to resign the party whip and stand either as an independent or for a pro-EU party. The Daily Telegraph reports the South Cambridgeshire MP has given a Thursday deadline for responses. The message says: “Time is against us so if you would like to consider joining our Remain Alliance please contact me urgently to dis

NASA bombshell: Agency chief reveals nuclear ‘game changer’

In May, US Congress awarded NASA $125million (£102million) for research into the possibilities. The phenomenon if realised would result spacecraft being powered by nuclear explosions to generate thrust. As reported by, Mr Bridenstine explained: “That is absolutely a game-changer for what NASA is trying to achieve. Why astronomers were confused by this dying star in a 'gloomy scene' Life on the Moon: Ancient lava tunnels hold key to colonising the Moon “That gives us an opportunity t

DWP in humiliating U-turn after telling universal credit claimants to work as strippers

A now deleted post on the DWP website suggested stripping as a potential occupation The post which made the provocative suggestion has since been deleted. Amber Rudd is the Secretary responsible for the department, which also features Justin Tomlinson, Mims Davies, Guy Opperman, Will Quince, Baroness Stedman-Scott, Baroness Williams and Victoria Atkins as ministers. As reported by the Daily Mirror, a section entitled “work you can do”, listed “striptease artist” as part of a list of “elementary

North Korea launch two missiles sparking fears of all out war

North Korea has fired two missiles into the Sea of Japan Pyongyang was expected to halt missile tests after joint exercises between the US and South Korea came to an end. The projectiles were fired into the Sea of Japan. Military officials in Seoul have released a statement: "North Korea launched unidentified projectiles twice this morning from Sunduk area, south of Hamkyeng province to the East Sea Saturday." The ‘East Sea’ is a Korean term for what the international community calls the Sea o

Michelle Obama revelation: Former FLOTUS reveals her and Barack’s next steps

The state-funded all girls school is located in Islington. Mrs Obama had also visited the school in 2009 and responded to questions from pupils in the audience. One pupil asked: “Your book is all about becoming, what do you consider as your next step in creating a world in which diversity in all forms is celebrated?” Mrs Obama initially responded: “I’m still trying to figure that out!” After a brief pause, she explained: “Just relaunched our global girls alliance, so education is going to play

Royal shock: Was William and Kate’s budget Scotland flight as eco-friendly as thought?

The Cambridges travelled on a standard Flybe flight from Norwich to Aberdeen Industry experts have said that without the royal’s knowledge, an empty flight was flown from Humberside to Norwich to ensure the Flybe brand would be on the aircraft the royals travelled on. The airline denies this but as reported by Mail Online flight logs suggest an empty flight was flown 123 miles down to Norfolk. The 8.40am flight is usually operated by Loganzir on behalf of Eastern Airways, Flybe’s franchise part

Royal humiliation: ABC host apologises for mocking Prince George over ballet

The six-year-old who is third in line for the throne, will be doing ballot lessons next year as St Thomas’s school in Battersea. He could be crowned King George VII, and the last two King Georges led Britain through the World Wars. Talking about George’s curriculum, Ms Spencer said: “The future king of England will be putting down the Play-Doh to take on Religious Studies, computer programming poetry and ballet among other things.” Ms Spencer then held back giggles as the audience erupted in la

California earthquake: Powerful 5.0 magnitude quake strikes

California has been rocked by a powerful earthquake which struck on Thursday afternoon, believed to hit around 15 miles from Ridgecrest. The 5.0 magnitude quake struck at around 1.49pm local time, (21:49 GMT) with tremors felt miles away. The strong earthquake is believed to have been felt as far away as downtown Las Vegas. According to the Los Angeles Times, an average of five earthquakes of this magnitude occur in California and Nevada every year. In the last 10 days, there has been 17 earthq

‘The future is bright!’: Liz Truss makes brilliant point about South Korea free trade deal

The deal will see a continuation of the terms of the Seoul’s free trade deal with the European Union, signed in October 2010 and effective from December 2015. London agreed to a preliminary deal back in June, when Liam Fox was International Trade Secretary, the first post Brexit Asian trade deal. Ms Truss wrote in The Daily Telegraph: “This is an exciting moment for both of our countries and demonstrates this Government’s commitment to maintaining existing trade agreements with our allies.” Tra

Asteroid danger: Burj Khalifa sized space rock is set to skim Earth next month

2000 QW7 is between 951 and 2,132 feet in diameter. The Burj is 2,716 feet tall and is the largest building in the world. It is travelling at a breakneck speed of 14,361mph. 2000 OW7 is expected to to pass Earth from a distance of 3.3 million miles. The event is set to take place on September 14. It is not expected to pass by again until October 19 2038. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine has previously warned a potential asteroid collision is more likely then people realise. The former Republ

Brexit shock: Axed minister gives incredible vote of approval to Boris after EU meetings

Mr Ellwood, who like Mr Johnson, was born in New York City, lost his position as Under-Secretary for Defence after the latter became Tory leader. The army reservist lieutenant colonel was replaced by Johnny Mercer, a former army captain. Mr Ellwood told BBC Newsnight host Mark Urban: “Yet we saw here in Berlin and indeed in Paris, a can-do attitude, a new rapport developing between the Prime Minister the first time that he’s been able to engage in the room with the two critical stakeholders.” T

Princess Diana's brother savages Charles in royal book - 'Unashamed self-indulgence!'

A 2017 work “To Catch A King: Charles II's Great Escape” deals with the abolition of the monarchy and the reign of Charles II after restoration. Charles had been forced into exile in Normandy and Spanish controlled Southern Netherlands after his father, Charles I was executed following the English Civil War. On page 287, Earl Spencer writes: "By early 1685, nearly a quarter of a century into his reign, Charles II's life was one of unashamed self-indulgence. The fifty-four-year-old monarch had hu

Asteroid danger: NASA worry as chilling video shows devastating impact of 'God of Chaos'

The space rock is named after the Egyptian ‘God of Chaos’ and darkness. As reported by The Sun, Russian scientists fear it could smash into Earth at breakneck speeds of 15,000mph. Youtube channel Space Sim made a video simulating the impact two years ago: “In this simulation the asteroid first hits and then sends fragments from the collision back into space. "These orbited the Earth for a short period of time before coming back to Earth." Though the initial collision takes place in the middle o

Bombshell poll sees Trump given major boost in his bid to become US President again

The poll was conducted by political analyst Scott Rasmussen, who was one of the co-founders of ESPN. Trump is currently facing off against former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld for the Republican nomination for next year’s election. Mr Rasmussen’s daily memo explained: “The President’s job approval rating has also remained stable throughout the year. “Despite that stability, the number who believe it’s likely that the president will be re-elected has grown every month. “In August, 63 percent

UK weather forecast: Summer is finally back in the south but north set for miserable rain

While the north continues to be buffeted with heavy rain, the south will see brighter and warmer weather according to the Met Office latest forecast. Meteorologist Aidan McGivern gave Thursday’s forecast. He explained: “For Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, there will be more wet weather to come, but across southern parts of the country, well, after a fresh start, there will be plenty of sunshine. “Lots of dry, bright weather in the far north of Scotland. Mr McGivern explained th

How Meghan Markle maintained her 'chill' on wedding day to Harry despite major pressure

Daniel Martin, a make up artist, is known to be one of Meghan’s close friends. He made the claims in an interview with US Weekly. Mr Martin said Meghan is “the most chill person”. Chill is slang referring to someone who is easy going in nature. He also discussed the whole experience of being involved in the wedding. Mr Martin explained: “I didn’t have a makeup trial with her because we couldn’t make the time. “I knew what she liked and didn’t like. We exchanged a Pinterest pictures over text.

Trump shares bizarre rhetoric comparing him to Jesus and declares himself ‘the chosen one’

The tweet came from conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root. Mr Root is a Trump supporter and is known for spreading conspiracy theories, including one that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. As per The Sun, he said Trump was “the best president for Israel in the history of the world.” He claimed Israelis love Trump "like he's the King of Israel. They love him like he's the second coming of God." The President had sparked fury from Jewish leaders after saying: "I think any Jewish

Boris outrage: Shock as PM’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds BARRED from the US for visa refusal

The decision is believed to be due to Miss Symonds travelling to Somaliland last year. Somaliland, considered by the international community to be an autonomous region of Somalia, is a self-declared state that regards itself as the successor to British Somaliland, which was briefly independent before uniting with former Italian Somaliland to form Somalia. As reported by Mail Online, the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) asks: “Have you travelled to, or been present in Iraq, Syria

Asteroid row: NASA issues shock statement as Elon Musk fears major rock heading to Earth

Mr Musk was responding to a tweet from comedian Joe Rogan about the agency’s attempts to prepare for 1,100 foot asteroid set to pass by Earth in 2029. That particular rock is expected to miss Earth by 19,000 miles. Mr Musk warned: “Wouldn’t worry about this particular one, but a big rock will hit Earth eventually & we currently have no defence.” NASA’s website says: “No known asteroid poses a significant risk of impact with Earth over the next 100 years." And as reported by CNN, Lindley Johnso
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