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Coronavirus map LIVE: Child, 5, is Britain's youngest victim as death toll rises to 4,313

The daily deaths, which includes cases from up to 5pm on Friday, takes the country's total to 4,313. This comes after the figure increased by 684 on Friday and 569 on Thursday. There were a further 637 new deaths in England announced today. Public Health England said the patients were aged between five years old and 104 years old. The number of people testing positive for COVID-19 in the UK has increased to 41,902 as of 9am on Saturday. South Korea's Jeju Island is suing a 52-year-old mother an

Coronavirus crisis could leave more than one in five Britons unemployed

The warning came from David Blanchflower who was an official at the Bank of England during the 2008 credit crunch. Mr Blanchflower warned unemployment is now rising at the fastest rate in living memory. After the Wall Street Crash in 1929, unemployment was 15.4 percent in the UK, but Mr Blanchflower warns coronavirus could push the figure to six million, which is 21 percent. Mr Blanchflower wrote in The Guardian: “There has never been such a concentrated business collapse. “The government has

Coronavirus Carnage: Deadly virus has already mutated eight times say scientists

On average, the virus is mutating every 15 days. However, researchers have concluded the strains are not getting more deadly. NextStrain, an open database in which virus sequences were uploaded, co-founder Trevor Bedford told National Geographic: “These mutations are completely benign and useful as a puzzle piece to uncover how the virus is spreading. How to help your brain through the coronavirus crisis stress Expert gives cold warning - ‘We can only predict more epidemics' Identifying diffe

Prince Harry’s ‘decisive split’ from Britain will have BIG US tax implications

The couples son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and Meghan both hold American citizenship, but Harry does not. When it comes to tax the amount of time someone spends in the US determines if they are a US resident. An individual is considered a US resident if they have spent 31 days stateside in the current year and 183 days in the current year and previous year. Each day in the previous year counts for a third of a day, and each day in the year before that counts for a sixth of a day. Spe

UK weather forecast: Britain to bask in sunshine as shutdown continues

Though families can still venture into the garden, pollen levels are predicted to peak Sunday and Monday. London and Kent are predicted to be particularly badly hit. Met Office meteorologist Steven Keats stated: “Sunday, we’re starting off with clear blue skies across much of the UK. When will lockdown end? Stay home for infection 'reduction' Gove says “For the bulk of Scotland, Wales and England, that’s how it’ll rain for the rest of the day. “Hazy at times and that is a cloud pushes into th

South China Sea: Fears of conflict surge as China accuses Vietnam of ramming coast guard

The incident happened around midnight on Thursday according to South China Morning Post. The Chinese coast guard released a statement late Friday outlining their version of events. Spokesman Zhang Jun said: “It rammed into our coastguard ship 4301 and sunk, all eight of the crew have been rescued.” Mr Zhang claimed the crew was returned to Vietnamese authorities after confessing to illegally entering Chinese waters. Mr Zhang explained: “We have urged Vietnam to take measures to avoid similar i

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s brand ‘disruptive’ claims LA expert

The couple recently moved to LA from Canada. Jeetendr Sehdev is the author of ‘The Kim Kardashian Principe’. Speaking to The Guardian, Mr Sehdev said: “The Meghan and Harry brand has always been very disruptive. Harry’s ‘decisive split’ from Britain will have US tax implications “They’re going to show us all a different way in which royal family members can live.” Mr Sehdev said he saw charity being their prime revenue stream. He envisages a “forward-thinking woke charitable foundation” with

Despite China death, hantavirus is less of a threat than coronavirus - expert explains why

The couple were found to have been afflicted with a hantavirus, the first known cases of the disease in the US. On March 24 of this year, Chinese state media confirmed a man from Yunnan Province travelling to Shandong Province for work had died of hantavirus. Speaking to, Professor Jon Cohen, an infectious disease expert of Brighton and Sussex Medical School explained: “There are two families of hantaviruses, one of which causes a pneumonia type illness, another which involves kidn

Human Infection: Expert gives chilling warning - ‘We can only predict more epidemics’

Professor Rick Douglass is a hantavirus expert, based at Montana State University and Montana Tech. Hantaviruses are a group of diseases that come from rodents and can affect humans, in the Americas they attack the lungs, whilst in Eurasia, they attack the kidneys. In North America, studies have shown the mortality rate is as high as 40 percent, but this figure is much lower elsewhere, speaking to, Professor Douglass explains: “Fortunately it is not very communicable [contagious].

Coronavirus map LIVE: Horror as UK confirms record daily death toll for third day in row

The body, which represents nine university hospitals groups in Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Spain, warned supplies of the drugs are set to run out in less than two weeks. But it said existing stock in the hardest-hit hospitals might only last two days. As a result, many medics are having to use alternative drugs or try other doses on patients, it said. The Alliance said: "Our members assume that, at the current rate of consumption, their stocks w

Coronavirus breakthrough: Malaria drug backed by Trump does help say doctors

A total of 6,200 doctors from 30 countries took part in the survey with 37 percent backing hydroxychloroquine. Physicians around the world have been given clearance to prescribe the drug, but the UK is waiting until clinical trials are completed. Hydroxychloroquine is a form of chloroquine and used by the NHS to treat rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. In Spain, the Sermo polls says, 72 percent of doctors tackling the virus have prescribed it. With 950 deaths reported in Spain over the last day, t

UK hot weather forecast: New maps show Britain baking in 48-hours - 20C mini-heatwave hits

In spite of the warm weather, owing to the coronavirus outbreak, the Government advice remains to stay at home except for essential business. You should only go out to shop or to obtain medicine, exercise once a day or go to work if you cannot do so from home. The Met Office tweeted: “Even though the weather is looking largely dry with some warm spells of sunshine for some of us over the weekend, please protect the #NHS and save lives by #Stayingathome.” Forecaster Claire Nasir explained a "war

Coronavirus crisis: Weekend heatwave to pose huge police challenge warns commissioner

Parts of the nation are tipped to hit 20C (68F) on Sunday amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Tory PCC Katy Bourne discussed the challenges on Friday’s Newsnight, She said: “This weekend is going to be probably one of the biggest challenges for policing nationally, so far. “We know that we’re working in an environment where it’s quite fast-moving. “The legislation has only been in for a week or so.” The UK is under lockdown as it struggles to come to grips with the virus. Despite the warm weathe

Coronavirus conspiracy: Tensions soar between China and US after ‘coverup’ claim

Beijing reacted furiously to a US intelligence report which suggested China covered up the true extent of the outbreak in its country. US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have themselves called into doubt the official figures. Hua Chunying, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told a press conference: "China has been giving open, transparent and timely updates to the world as demonstrated clearly in the details my colleagues and I have elaborated on China's response ma

Canadian royal expert explains significance of Queen’s coronavirus address

The move comes after weeks of speculation and negotiations between Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. It will be the first such intervention from Her Majesty since 2002 following the death of her mother Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. Speaking to CTV in a phone interview, Toronto based royal expert Richard Berthelsen explained: “She can only speak when the nation is completely united. “She speaks for everybody, the collective us.” He added: “For her to speak, it suggests the nation is uni

Coronavirus map LIVE: UK suspends laws so supermarkets can work together to boost supplies

A senior Government adviser told the Daily Mail that should the number of deaths rise significantly over the next few weeks, "greater enforcement" of social distancing policies would be introduced. This would include "anything that can be done to push it down further" and prevent the spread of COVID-19. On Saturday the number of coronavirus cases in the UK exceeded 17,000 as the Department of Health confirmed 2,510 new cases of the disease, bringing the total to 17,089 people. The death toll als

Coronavirus latest: Spain intensifies lockdown as government hammered over defective kits

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez assured workers they will be paid leave. The period will end April 9, this date coincides with the beginning of Easter break, when workers would be at home normally. Mr Sanchez acknowledged the measures were harsh but said they were necessary to curb the outbreak and that he believed Spaniards were ready to "stand up and be counted”. He added: "If we achieve the levels of mobility on weekends, which is not much of a difference but is significant enough. “I think we

Briton Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe considered for clemency as Iran tackles coronavirus

Her husband, Richard Ratcliffe has said she has had a temporary release extended to April 18 - she is currently in relative isolation at her parents’ home. Sky News reports her father was notified her file has been put forward to the prosecutor general for consideration for clemency. Former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who held the brief during part of Ms Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s incarceration tweeted the news was a "glimmer of hope amidst the darkness”. He added: "Let's pray that this remarkable

Melania Trump encourages young Americans to keep in touch with isolated grandparents

It was one of several tweets the First Lady made on Saturday. The one aimed towards children was the first. Mrs Trump wrote: “Many elderly people are unable to receive visitors right now & while this will all be temporary I encourage children to create colourful cards or pictures & show them to their loved ones via FaceTime. “The thought would mean a lot & bring a smile to many faces!” This tweet was accompanied with another retweet from the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. That tw

Pyongyang Fury: North Korea fires fire missile towards Japan as nuclear fears rise

According to the South Korea Yonhap News Agency, the incident occurred on Saturday evening. Pyongyang was caught firing two missiles towards Japan on March 20. The “unidentified projectiles” landed outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The zone under international law stretches 200 nautical miles from the Japanese coastline. It was flying into the Sea of Japan according to Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. The US and China have called for Pyongyang to re-enter talks to end its nuclear and mi
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