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Tory manifesto launch: Boris announces ban on hated hospital parking fees for millions

The Prime Minister joked if the Tories were to win, Britain would be “Corbyn neutral” by 2020, the Telegraph reported. The general election will take place on December 12. Mr Johnson said the manifesto would list a programme to “get Brexit done and allow us to move on” and “unleash the potential of the whole country”. The housing pledge will be to introduce free parking for two million “blue badge” disabled drivers and passengers. It will also benefit frequent outpatients, gravely ill patients,

Ancient Egypt breakthrough: Mummified remains found in pyramids mark major discovery

The find believed to date from 664BC to 332BC includes lion cubs, several crocodiles, birds and cats.They are on display in a makeshift exhibition at the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara. Mustafa Wazeri, the secretary-general of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities said the discovery was a “most lovely surprise”. Archaeologists discover creature from the 'Garden of Eden' Antiquities Minister Khaled el Anany said: “We are finding here hundreds of objects. Saqqara’s first lion skeleton

Michelle Obama: Ex-FLOTUS' husband Barack pens heartwarming tweet ahead of special visit

Mr Obama mentioned the visit in his latest tweet where he also shared an article. He started by re-tweeting a tweet from the Obama Foundation which included the article. The tweet read: “We’ve just announced the Obama Leaders from across the Asia Pacific. “From advocating for quality education in Cambodia to increasing access to sustainable energy in Micronesia, these individuals are taking on the biggest challenges across their region.” Mr Obama added to the comment: “Young leaders like these

Sarah Ferguson attends Saudi Arabia conference after invitation from Crown Prince

The Duchess of York reportedly attended the event on November 12 where she was invited as a guest. According to the Mail on Sunday, Sarah said at the conference: “Everyone has been so nice here in Riyadh. “I think that comes from good leadership.” Though King Salman is the ruler in practice, his son Mr bin Salman is considered the de facto ruler of the country. Sarah’s decision to attend the conference has been questioned by former MP Ann Clwyd who was a member of cross-party group which accuse

Prince Charles shock: Duke reveals why he fears there is a 'crisis' for his grandchildren

He said: “We have, I am afraid, reached a defining moment in human history. “It is a tipping point at which we still have the ability to change course, but really only in the next 10 years. “It’s a small window, after which there may be no going back.” The royal warned: “For small island nations this is an existential crisis which could see them quite literally disappear, or become uninhabitable, in the lifetime of our grandchildren.

Revealed: The strict 'white tie' event where Kate will be spotted wearing a tiara

As reported by Hello, the US state visit was the tenth time Kate wore a tiara. Next month, the Queen will be hosting a Diplomatic Corps reception at Buckingham Palace which is where the public are likely to spot Kate next wearing her sparkling tiara. The event will host some 1,000 guests which will include ambassadors, government officials and senior members of the Royal Family. Kate will also be attending along with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, D

South China Sea shock: Russia spots mystery ‘radiation incident’ as nuclear fears soar

A website run by a far-right US radio talk show host had claimed on Wednesday that military sources detected an underwater explosion. No sources were named and Gizmodo cited two scientists who dismissed the story. The watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said: “Based on data received from the Global Environmental Monitoring System, there’s an increase in background radiation in the South China Sea in connection with a radiation incident.” The Moscow body insisted that the radiation detected did not “curren

Archaeologists discover creature from the 'Garden of Eden' in major biblical breakthrough

The creature, known as Najash, was named after the Biblical creature ‘Nahash’ and has two hind legs. It is named after a snake found in the ‘Garden of Eden’ and was discovered in the Rio Negro Province in Argentina. As reported by The Sun, Fernando Garberoglio, an undergraduate palaeontology student from Universidad de Buenos Aires found a skull on a field trip to northern Patagonia with Sebastian Apesteguia from the Universidad Maimonides and Guillermo Rougier from the University of Louisville.

Melania Trump heartbreak: FLOTUS and Trump joined by Hollywood actor for emotional tribute

President Trump awarded Mr Voight the National Medal of Arts on Thursday and invited him to Dover Air Base. The ‘Heat’ star did not meet with the families of Army pilots David Knadle and Kirk Fuhigami Junior who died on Wednesday in Logar Province whilst giving security to troops on the ground. Mr Voight explained: “I just wanted to pay my respects, say a little prayer.” Ivanka Trump left red-faced after tweeting fake quote in huge blunder Trump and members of the military saluted while civili

Royal warning: Queen’s son urges ‘there is no going back’ during heartbreaking speech

The heir apparent said in a speech at Lincoln University that mankind had no longer than a decade to deal with climate change. As reported by the Daily Mirror, Charles is a lifelong campaigner. Charles said human history had reached “a tipping point, at which we still have the ability to change course, but really only in the next 10 years... after which there may be no going back”. The Queen’s eldest son accused humans of being on a “dizzying spending spree for centuries” and of having “ruthles

Brexit humiliation: Incendiary claim Theresa May and David Cameron snubbed by John Major

There are five living former Prime Ministers: Sir John Major (1990-1997), Tony Blair (1997-2007), Gordon Brown (2007-2010), David Cameron (2010-2016) and Theresa May (2016-2019). Speaking to the Mail on Sunday a source said: “John Major basically blanked David Cameron and Theresa May and would only talk to his fellow anti-Brexit chums Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The three of them were huddled together whispering and ignoring everyone else.” A Whitehall source explained: “Major has made no secr

Prospect of Corbyn and Abbott running national security makes Patel 'feel sick'

Ms Patel told The Sun on Sunday she feared Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister and Diane Abbott becoming Home Secretary. The Home Secretary is responsible for internal affairs, immigration, policing and security. Ms Patel explained: “Just the thought of those two in charge of our national security makes me feel ill. "They have sided with and defended some of the most appalling individuals and terrorist groups. “In any other circumstances, I am not sure Jeremy Corbyn or Diane Abbott would even

Michelle Obama receives heartwarming social media support as she sets out vision

She met with people from the Girls Opportunity Alliance one of the programs run by the Foundation. The alliance says it seeks to empower adolescent girls through education. Mrs Obama wrote: “Hard work like this takes courage. It takes leadership. Michelle Obama joins Meghan Markle in being immortalised in comic NCIS: When did Michelle Obama star in NCIS? “And these leaders are making strides in global girls’ education by breaking through the barriers that keep adolescent girls out of school.

UK weather forecast: Britain braces for freezing day with fog expected

Britain is set for a drier but chillier day According to Met Office meteorologist Sophie Yeomans there will be a chilly start to the day for most. Across north England and west Wales there will still be cloud and dampness. Ms Yeomans explained: “It will be brightening up elsewhere. UK floods map: Hundreds of warnings issued - Will YOU be affected? Venice flooding: Urgent weather warning as tide to rise above 5 FEET “Especially as we head into Monday, we are expecting sunny weather right acro

Kate Middleton surprise: Duchess takes Prince Louis to weekly Monkey Music sessions

The revelation was made by the Mail on Sunday. The sessions cost £12. There are several events across the country but for security reasons the one attended by Kate and Louis cannot be revealed. The classes are led by a monkey puppet. Mums are asked to sing and dance with their babies. They hold scarves whilst dancing around the rooms. The Monkey Music website says: “Trusted by parents since 1992, there are 4-stages of classes, tailored specifically to the needs of babies, toddlers and pre-schoo

Fears of all out war surge as China unveils new wonder weapon to isolate Taiwan

As per South China Morning Post, 16 of the DF-17s were on parade on the October 1 National Day celebrations. Zhou Chenming, a Beijing based military expert said the DF-17 had extended China’s range and gave China the ability to prevent the US aircraft carrier strike group from intervening. Mr Zhou said: “The DF-17 is designed as an offensive weapon amid Beijing’s defensive strategy to build a fence outside the Taiwan Strait to stop US warships from entering and intervening in any possible war be

Remainer civil war: Disaster for second referendum campaign as chair resigns

Mr Rudd, the brother of former Home Secretary Amber Rudd, has resigned from his positions as chairman of both People’s Vote and Open Britain. Anne Wyman is the new chair of Open Britain while the former will wait until after the general election. The People’s Vote campaign is demanding a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, that could overturn the first. Mr Rudd had taken control last month after ousting campaign boss James McGrory and communications chief Tom Baldwin. The move

Hong Kong uprising: Protestors send defiant warning to China as insurrection continues

The special administrative region of China has been rocked by protests for months. The protests were originally over a controversial extradition bill that could have seen Hong Kongers extradited to Mainland China, but has since evolved to be about wider concerns about democracy in the former British colony. Speaking to the BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse, the masked protestor explained: “I believe everyone of us is afraid of being shot by live rounds. “If they want to fire live rounds, then they will f

Michelle Obama joins Meghan Markle in being immortalised in super heroine comic

Ned Bear’s Real-Life superwoman project also includes Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex , Serena Williams and Sandra Oh. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern features on the first page after the Fearless Girl sculpture. Nerd Bear founder Amar Hussain said: "We wanted to celebrate some defining moments over the last couple of years and the incredible women behind them. "For this we thought it would be fitting to turn these superwomen into comic book strips and the Rea

US Army tests new wonder weapon that could change warfare forever report the weapon is being tested at Fort Benning, Georgia. It is believed to have been made b Skyborne Technologies Pty. Ltd. Ed Davis, director of the Army Futures Command Manuever Battle Lab said: "One of the priorities, especially for the Infantry Center, is counter-defilade.” Defilade refers to the the protection of forces from enemy gunfire. The drone weighs 14 pounds, has a two mile range and can fire three grenades. Two years ago, army chiefs ended an agreement with Orbital
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