Gursimran Hans

Student Journalist at City, University of London. Completed Study Abroad Year at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Journalist for Overnight News Team at The Daily Express
Former Social Media Intern at Talksport International 
Former Opinion Editor at The National Student Previously Media Manager at CONIFA Asia and writer for The Howl. 
Previous Placements at BBC Asian Network, The Times, The Sun, Press Gazette and Archant East London.

London based student journalist with previous editorial experience and by-lines in national newspapers. 

I came into journalism because I enjoy finding stories that need to be told and telling them. 

My stories largely reflect my interests - particularly football, politics, film, music and arts. Though, at the same time I like to explore new areas and write about these too. 

I'm in my third year of studying/working in journalism and I have had the opportunity to write for many different sites and expand my online portfolio.

This site showcases my work from that portfolio, with articles divided by publication and topic. Interviews are also posted in a separate interview section. There are also external links to the radio shows I have worked on and a separate section for Daily Musings, a daily blog I wrote in Spring 2017.

These articles are a combination of work that I was asked to write by an editor and those pitched successfully by myself. 

See the headings at the top of the page (only visible on desktop) and the drop down side bar to help navigate around the site. 


Kim Jong-Un accused of hiding deadly swine fever branded an 'apocalypse in the making'

The fever is not known to harm humans, but has been spotted in East Asia in recent months, though North Korea’s capital Pyongyang officially claims the outbreak has passed over North Korea. Three dead wild boars were found in border areas with South Korea, according to officials in Seoul who have deployed helicopters to disinfect the barrier. According to Bloomberg, South Korean politician Lee Hye-hoon said the fever had spread to most areas in North Korea with pigs in the North Pyongan province

‘Emotionally out of control!’: Hong Kong protestor tears into police force amid chaos

The protestor, who did not wish to be named, is a member of Demosisto, a pro-democracy party formerly led by Nathan Law that posseses activist Joshua Wong as its secretary-general. Mr Law became the youngest ever member of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council aged 23 in 2016 when he was elected to represent Hong Kong Island but disqualified after using the oath taking ceremony to spread his political message, which the Chinese National People’s Congress viewed as in violation of the Basic Law in Hong

How and why do attitudes to the Chinese Communist Party differ in the Special Administrative…

How and why do attitudes to the Chinese Communist Party differ in the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau? Hong Kong and Macau have similar but different political backgrounds, this has influenced how the two special administrative regions interact with the central government of the People’s Republic of China. These differences how their populations perceive the attempts of Beijing to have its sovereignty and interests fulfilled. Macau has often been praised by state-run media

In Conversation with David Cross

This article was originally published in two parts on The National Student. Now, 67, David Cross refused to drink until gone midnight after winning the FA Cup with West Ham in 1980, in order to savour the memory. Starting as a lone striker, his side beat defending champions Arsenal. He pauses before talking about growing up watching the final every year and without hesitation says the final whistle was the best moment of his career. This was a career which saw him take on the likes of George

SU president puzzled by 0 incidents of sexual harassment at City

Following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request from The Howl, it has been revealed there were no reports of sexual misconduct at City university during the 2016-17 academic year. The request was made after revelations in the press that Cambridge University had received 173 anonymous reports from staff and students in the nine months since setting up a new online form in May 2017. An investigation from The Guardian last March found “epidemic” levels of sexual harassment at British universitie

Cat climbs into deadly wolf enclosure at Scottish zoo while fleeing fireworks

The feline was brought to zookeepers' attention after noticing the Arctic wolves had been circling the tree for some time A SCAREDY cat had a lucky escape after running away from fireworks and jumping into a wolf enclosure. The feline managed to climb a tree and leap over an electric fence at Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian, Scotland. Keepers were surprised to see two female Arctic wolves circling a tree. Upon closer inspection they spotted a black and white cat hiding in the branches. The

Film Review: Battle of Algiers

Gillo Pontecorvo’s Battle of Algiers is a stunning example of a director at the height of his success. The Italian, who died in 2006, had his 1966 film screened at the Barbican over October. The film tells the story of the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) in their fight with the French Army in Algeria’s war for independence, specifically focusing on the battle for the capital city, Algiers. The film was for many years censored in France, due to both the government and the pressure from far-

Interview: Isabel Esain

Isabel, 19, from Zaragoza, Spain, began her journey playing the viola back when she was just seven years old. Isabel, explains she took up the viola "because it’s the most important instrument from the Baroque period." "It was the most important instrument in France during the 1650s, which was when France was the most important country in the world. So, the reason I play this instrument is there’s so much repertoire". Beginning in Rome around 1600, the Baroque period followed the Renaissance

Tactics Explained: Johan Cruyff at Ajax and Barcelona

Cruyff's managerial career was relatively short. He spent three years at Ajax, before spending eight at Barcelona, where he won four consecutive La Liga trophies, he also won the Catalan giants' first two European trophies - the 1989 European Cup Winner's Cup and the 1992 European Cup - both with wins over Sampdoria. The philosophy he developed with the style of play and the importance of a strong, immersive youth academy has been used to devastating effect by his successors - especially Rijkaa

Interview: Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho has become known for her dark sense of . Now 48, the Drop Dead Diva star has embarked on a tour with what she has described as her "sickest show to date", with it dealing with "a lot of hard stuff about addiction, about weight." Cho notes she can be "very, very self-destructive" before adding: "I really wanted to make an effort to show how this is like so scary and this is real and this can happen. And so, that’s a big part of the show too." She cites the late Richard Pryor as an

IFJ hits out at attempts by Gulf states to ‘force the closure of Al Jazeera’ – Press Gazette

Amid tension between other Gulf states and Qatar, the International Federation of Journalists has demanded that journalists are not used as “political footballs”. Last week, authorities in Saudi Arabia and Jordan closed down Al Jazeera offices in the countries’ respective capitals. The media organisation’s operation licence in Saudi Arabia has also been revoked. A Saudi-led coalition of Arab countries has demanded Qatar close down the international broadcaster, which is partially funded by the

Stunning ballet show coming to Ilford features scenes from Shakespeare to Dracula

Beautiful ballet interpretations from a classic Shakespearean love story, Dracula and The Nutcracker will be performed in one show coming to Ilford next month. Third year students from the Central School of Ballet are putting on theatre and dance from a variety of productions at The Kenneth More Theatre, in Oakfield Road, on July 1. Titled Ballet Central, the performance features a wide range of scenes, including from Liam Scarlett’s Indigo Children and a piece from award winning choreographer