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ConIFA World Football Cup: In Conversation with Kabylia Manager Lyes Immemai

“To be honest, it is the first time we are here to participate in the ConIFA World Cup, so it’s already something big. We are not happy about the results. We could do much better, we could be more prepared," he summarises. The Kabylia team got a real baptism of fire with an 8-0 defeat to Panjab in the opening match, a battling 0-0 draw with United Koreans in Japan meant they were not mathematically eliminated before their final Group D with Western Armenia, however, they were in need of a 14 go

Meet the former FIFA World Cup star and two students aiming for ConIFA glory

The National Student caught up with two younger members of their squad, 19-year-old midfielder Tong Lee, who spent last season at Staines Town in their Under 19 squad, and 20-year-old defender Yoo Jun Kang after a day of sightseeing in London and training. The two seemed in good spirits in the area of the ConIFA hotel and both expressed their excitement at playing in what is their first international tournament. "It's very nice," stated Yoo who explains: "I got injured before I came here, so I

ConIFA World Football Cup: In Conversation with Barawa FA's Haji Munye

Barawa FA were not even members of ConIFA during the last WFC in Abhkazia back in 2016, having joined in July that year. We spoke to Haji Munye, one of the key organisers of the team about why it was set up: "Initially it was set up to just create awareness, trying to use football as a tool of bringing people together, uniting people and at the same time use football to play games to raise some money and send it back home. The power football has to create change, that's what we mainly use it fo

ConIFA World Football Cup: The story of Ellan Vannin

The Ellan Vannin team was set up by the Manx International Football Alliance (MIFA) in November 2013. The Isle of Man already had a representative side at the point, under the control of the Isle of Man Football Association (IOMFA), an affiliate of the English FA. This side consisted of players registered to clubs on the island. However, Manx footballers based elsewhere were not eligible for selection and there was no requirement to have any familial ties to the island. So MIFA formed Ellan Va

ConIFA World Football Cup: In Conversation with Western Armenia's Yagan Hiraç

Western Armenia are one of the 16 teams competing in this summer's ConIFA World Football Cup. The National Student spoke to co-founder of their governing body, Football Federation of Western Armenia and player Yagan Hiraç ahead of the tournament. Western Armenia refers to the historic Armenian farmland which is now within the territory of the Republic of Turkey. The Federation was founded in 2015, Hiraç, 29, who plays in the Swiss third tier for Stade Nyonnais, was part of a group who organis

Interview: Justin Walley, Matabeleland Manager

the tournament. His plans for his side, , extend far beyond the tournament: " I think we might help reshape Zimbabwean football for the better. When Premier League clubs here see us doing a better job than them with their big money and our very limited resources, it will inevitably lead to change. We are empowering young men, giving them hope for the future. Those players who are to London will see their lives change for the better as a result of this experience. Some players will no doubt get s

Meet vice-presidential candidate Zohra Bouchamaoui

As part of The Howl’s coverage of the student elections, we have offered interview opportunities for every single candidate. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a date and time to speak to Zohra Bouchamaoui, who is standing for Vice-President for Education. The only way to speak to her before polling closes was to send her the questions and wait for her responses. The responses from the second year Investment and Financial Risk Management student are below: Why are you running to be VP for educat

Meet presidential candidate Kristina Perelygina

Inclusivity, diversity and community are the buzzwords for Financial Economics postgrad student Kristina Perelygina, who is in the running to become President of the student union. An international student, who did her undergraduate degree in International Political Economy at City, she is hoping to use her experience to aid her in the role she is attempting to win. Perelygina was not aware of the existence of the student union until her third year and this has influenced her decision to run: “

In Conversation with David Cross

This article was originally published in two parts on The National Student. Now, 67, David Cross refused to drink until gone midnight after winning the FA Cup with West Ham in 1980, in order to savour the memory. Starting as a lone striker, his side beat defending champions Arsenal. He pauses before talking about growing up watching the final every year and without hesitation says the final whistle was the best moment of his career. This was a career which saw him take on the likes of George

In Conversation with David Cross Part 2

The side would eventually be knocked out by Georgians Dinamo Tbilisi. The Soviet Cup winners are one of a small number of teams to applauded of by home supporters at the Boleyn Ground. Many consider them to have produced the best away performance by any side in the ground’s 112-year history as the ran out 4-1 wins in March 1981. Despite the squad believing their opponents' winter break would mean they would be too rusty, the rest meant “they were fresh and very very good technically”. Cross p

In Conversation with David Cross - Part 1

Now, 67, David Cross refused to drink until gone midnight after winning the FA Cup with West Ham in 1980, in order to the memory. Starting as a lone striker, his side beat defending champions Arsenal. He pauses before talking about growing up watching the final every year and without hesitation says the final whistle was the best moment of his career. This was a career which saw him take on the likes of George Best, he admits there was always a “wow” factor before playing big names “but when y

Speaking to the chairman of Benfica's official London club

Casa do Benfica in Wandsworth Road, London, is visually stunning for a football fan. The place is adorned with all things Benfica. Panorama's of the Estadio da Luz, pictures of past players, scarves, boards with past trophies and televisions to watch games, as it's around noon, they are tuned into Portuguese TV. The London Casa is number 250 of the "Homes of Benfica" network, clubhouses where Benfica fans and members of the Portuguese community can meet to eat, drink and socialise I'm here to

Talking tingles with ASMRtists

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is taking the internet by storm. YouTubers producing ASMR visitors are enjoying massive success in terms of both subscriptions and views. This summer, GentleWhispering became the first channel to hit one million subscribers. W Magazine meanwhile, began a series where they invited celebrities to try and make their own ideas. So, what exactly is ASMR? Simply put, ASMR is a way of making, usually through videos, soft, relaxing sounds to trigger somethin

Interview: Talking ASMR with Lily Whispers

You might at this point be wondering what Lily has done to warrant this response. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and YouTube is awash by a growing community of artists and watchers. These videos feature a variety of sounds that are intended to be relaxing and to cause tingles in the brain.  Lily describes it as “a wave of relaxation, ‘tingles’ we call it, although I like to describe it as a warm shiver.” As for dropping out? “No one really knew that I dropped out. My p

Interview: Isabel Esain

Isabel, 19, from Zaragoza, Spain, began her journey playing the viola back when she was just seven years old. Isabel, explains she took up the viola "because it’s the most important instrument from the Baroque period." "It was the most important instrument in France during the 1650s, which was when France was the most important country in the world. So, the reason I play this instrument is there’s so much repertoire". Beginning in Rome around 1600, the Baroque period followed the Renaissance

Interview: Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho has become known for her dark sense of . Now 48, the Drop Dead Diva star has embarked on a tour with what she has described as her "sickest show to date", with it dealing with "a lot of hard stuff about addiction, about weight." Cho notes she can be "very, very self-destructive" before adding: "I really wanted to make an effort to show how this is like so scary and this is real and this can happen. And so, that’s a big part of the show too." She cites the late Richard Pryor as an

Talking Tories, Brexit, and magic money trees with Geoff Norcott

"Growing up, I was like a political Billy Elliot." These are the words of Geoff Norcott, a comedian in the middle of a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe. His show is a little different to most at the festival: he's an open Conservative and voted Leave in the EU referendum. His show builds on this. Norcott says Right Leaning with Well Meaning is opposed to "the kind of confrontational politics of the last year", before adding he wants to "ask myself whether I am guilty of the things the left typica

Peruvian floods: 3 months on

From the end of last year to the beginning of this one, South America was affected by devastating floods. The floods have hit Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, with hundreds of people dead or missing. Peru, which is always under threat from earthquakes and tremors due to its proximity to the boundary between the Nazca and South American tectonic plates, began experiencing huge rain fall in January. These heavy rains caused massive flooding, with rivers bursting, damaging infrastructure throug

Stunning ballet show coming to Ilford features scenes from Shakespeare to Dracula

Beautiful ballet interpretations from a classic Shakespearean love story, Dracula and The Nutcracker will be performed in one show coming to Ilford next month. Third year students from the Central School of Ballet are putting on theatre and dance from a variety of productions at The Kenneth More Theatre, in Oakfield Road, on July 1. Titled Ballet Central, the performance features a wide range of scenes, including from Liam Scarlett’s Indigo Children and a piece from award winning choreographer
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