In March 2021, I began contributing for Wolves of Westminster. 

London Mayoral Elections 2021: The runners and riders

Much of the attention in the London Mayoral race has gone towards the incumbent, Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party, and his challenger, Tory Assembly Member Shaun Bailey. There are, however, several other candidates, both from minor parties and from a plethora of independents. In this article, Wolves of Westminster gives you the low-down on who these candidates are and what they are standing for. The election takes place on 6 May. You can register to vote here, with the deadline being 11:59 on 19

Hartlepool polling data: Optimism for Tories, Pessimism for Reform UK

A new MRP Poll released by The Times yesterday morning will be positive reading for the Conservatives, but poor from Reform UK’s perspective. The poll is for the seat of Hartlepool, which will see a by-election following the resignation of Labour MP Mike Hill. In the 2019 General Election, Mr Hill dropped 14.8 percentage points, with his majority being more than halved. The Tories had increased by 13.3 points in 2017, but dropped a further 5.3 points two-and-a-half years on. Richard Tice stood

Fact-checking the claims made by anti-Starmer far-left activists

Wolves of Westminster yesterday reported on a meeting of the so-called ‘Labour In Exile Network’ (LIEN), featuring several individuals who had been suspended by the Labour Party and were critical of the direction the party is heading in under Sir Keir Starmer. Some of these individuals described themselves as “Marxists”, with one going as far as to say “we consider ourselves revolutionary socialists” when calling for their agenda to involve a greater amount of change in the status quo.

EXCLUSIVE: Expelled far-left activists vow to set up own CLP, print own membership cards in defiance: “We’re not going anywhere!”

A group stylising themselves as the “Labour In Exile Network” (LIEN), made up of far-left activists many of whom have been suspended or expelled by the Labour Party, held a founding conference on 27 February to discuss their ‘Plan for Change‘ and terms of reference. Among their plans were to issue their own Labour Party membership cards for expelled former members.

Violence is never, ever a choice that a man should make

I don’t want to comment specifically about the Sarah Everard case as I don’t know the facts of it, but this case has made me think more generally about gender-based violence and attitudes towards women. During my time as an undergrad at university, I went out socially with a girl one night. It was just as friends; nothing significant happened. But I mention it because earlier that day, I rang a classmate to see if he could explain some course readings to me. This individual knew I was going out

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