I spent a week on The Sun news desk in November 2017, I wrote three published articles, two of which feature my by-line as well as helping other journalists with research and box out explainers. 

Cat climbs into deadly wolf enclosure at Scottish zoo while fleeing fireworks

The feline was brought to zookeepers' attention after noticing the Arctic wolves had been circling the tree for some time A SCAREDY cat had a lucky escape after running away from fireworks and jumping into a wolf enclosure. The feline managed to climb a tree and leap over an electric fence at Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian, Scotland. Keepers were surprised to see two female Arctic wolves circling a tree. Upon closer inspection they spotted a black and white cat hiding in the branches. The

Rose West victim's sis slams monster family after nephew rapes kid (Box out explainer)

THE grieving half-sister of one of Rose West’s victims said the twisted family are "still destroying lives" after the serial killer’s nephew was found guilty of rape. Mary-Ann Mitchell’s half-sister Juanita Mott was just 17 when she disappeared, with the teen’s body found in the basement of 25 Cromwell Street almost two decades later. Depraved Rose West is serving life behind bars for her part in the murders of ten young women in the 1970s, while her nephew, Steven Letts, was this week convict

Number of homes sold across UK slumps as London market at weakest in eight years

Pricier homes are being sold for less profit, report claims THE number of homes being sold slumped across much of the country last month. Pricier ones were also having to be flogged for less, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. In further evidence of a slower market, Rics said it is now taking longer to complete a sale, at 18-and-a-half weeks on average, up from just over 16-and-a-half weeks in February 2017 when the survey first started measuring this. Simon Rubinsohn

Warnings over new Whatsapp message scams tricking Asda and Argos shoppers

It is the latest example of phishing con - where users are targeted for their personal information WHATSAPP users have been warned to be vigilant as the number of high street giveaway scams appears to be on the increase. Yesterday we told how shoppers were being deceived by an offer of a £250 Asda voucher – which could see your personal details stolen. And now there are warnings of a similar phishing scam involving messages that appear to come from Argos. On Monday, Irish phones were targete

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