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Science’s battle to tackle plastic waste

Plastic waste is one of the major environmental challenges that activists have faced in recent years. I spoke to two specialists from Imperial College London about their research into tackling these issues. Plastic waste can take centuries to biodegrade. It can be washed into oceans, and be ingested by maritime species who mistake it for prey. They can also suffocate on plastic packaging. The world’s waterways are not the only place where the impact of plastic is dangerous. Plastic can also re

5 TV Shows based on real life events you must watch

April marks the 33rd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Last year, HBO’s show reignited the public imagination of the incident. With many of us self-isolating here are five other shows based on real life, you must watch, and where to watch them. Seinfeld creator Larry David plays a fictionalised version of himself in this comedy. The show has plenty of big cameos.David gets himself into some rather awkward situations, due to his steadfast belief in his own morals. AVAILABLE ON: NOW TV The

Simple ways you can start reducing your plastic waste

In recent years, individuals have been looking to reduce their plastic waste to become more environmentally friendly. With many of us under quarantine due to the coronavirus crisis, why not focus on the way we can reduce our own waste to make a difference when life returns to normal? Plastic Free Hackney’s Daisy Hutchison told me: “It’s really easy to start and then it’s a question of commitment.” One of the tips Hutchison recommended is to always carry refillable bottles for water, which not o

Plastic Waste back under the spotlight as London Marathon approaches

Plastic Waste back under the spotlight as London Marathon approaches 26 April marks the return of the London Marathon, which has gained a reputation over the years for the amount of plastic waste generated. In 2018, an estimated 760,000 plastic bottles were thrown away by competitors and spectators. As a result, last year from the 23 mile mark, runners were given seaweed pouches which can biodegrade in four-six weeks. Plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to decompose and release harmful c

Why has there been a rise in the European far right?

Why has there been a rise in the European far right? The data analysed looks at far-right and far-left parties that have won seats since 2000. It is the far-right that have risen rapidly since the turn of the millennium. Spanish populists Vox formed in 2013 yet got 15 per cent of the vote last year. Their Polish Law and Justice counterparts formed only in 2001 and by 2015 it was in government. The German equivalent, AfD, got 12 per cent of the vote within four years of its formation in 2013.

Is the left collapsing?

In a time of extremist politics, the far-right has surged in Europe while the left has been repeatedly deflated at the polls. And it appears to be long-term – despite the 1997 landslide, Labour went on to lose seats in every general election until 2017. Barry Richards, a political psychology expert from Bournemouth University, said the left may have struggled because of: “A failure to really acknowledge the importance to people of cultural identity, a feeling they do belong to a collective whi

Why representative politics is just not possible

Why truly representative politics is just not possible If you want to be an MP, you’re looking on average to be spending around £20,000 just to campaign according to research by Isabel Hardman for her book ‘Why We Get The Wrong Politicians’. There’s no guarantee you will get elected either. There’s campaigning for selection, attending hustings, sometimes having to quit your current job. With an average yearly salary of £30,000 for all British citizens it’s just not possible for most to spend t

The former Labour Party Chair and his fight against antisemitism

The former Labour Party Chair and his fight against antisemitism Euan Philipps re-joined the Labour Party in 2013 after his membership lapsed. At the time he was in renewable energy and was growing concerned at the austerity pushed by the Conservative-Liberal Democratic coalition. He became Tonbridge and Malling constituency Labour Party (CLP) chair in 2017. A year later, he resigned from the CLP position. Philipps left because he could not stand to be associated with the antisemitism within t

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