At Hong Kong Baptist University, I took a module called Data Visualisation for News, which involves a lot of basic level coding. 

Anti-Cancer Drug Prices

According to Chinese state media Xinhua, the prices of cancer drugs, including the alkaloid-based ones, were reduced because the government has lifted import tariffs on all common drugs since May, 2018. In particular, Xinhua pointed out that the price of each vial of Herceptin decreased significantly from 17,600 yuan to 7,600 yuan in Hunan Province. From our data visualization, it is found that it is true in all the cities covered in the project with the cheapest price being 7270.16 yuan in Sha

Anti homosexuality laws graphed

The piece of work I am taking a look at is the BBC’s article following Brunei’s decision to punish same sex relationships with stoning - This piece of work visualised the data for countries which punished same sex relations. However, the issue with this data visualisation is that it is too oversimplified. It just notes which countries have crimilised homosexulaity, without mentioning to what extent. There is a big difference between having to a large fin

Interview: Margaret Cho

Cho notes she can be "very, very self-destructive" before adding: "I really wanted to make an effort to show how this is like so scary and this is real and this can happen. And so, that’s a big part of the show too." She cites the late Richard Pryor as an inspiration for helping her to develop this style of comedy: "what is really vital and exciting about comedy is that you can ride that edge of 'this is too much, like, this is wrong' and I learnt all about this from Richard Pryor, who was a gr

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