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Coronavirus: Doctors run trial on Ibuprofen as effective coronavirus treatment

A team from London's Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital and Kings College hypothesise the anti-inflammatory painkiller could treat breathing difficulties. The drug can cost less than £5 for a packet and if effective, could help keep patients off ventilators Prof Mitul Mehta, of Kings College London, said: "We need to do a trial to show that the evidence actually matches what we expect to happen." For this trial, half of patients will receive ibuprofen as well as usual care. The trial will use a spec

Experts reveal the crucial role testosterone could be playing in boosting coronavirus

Various theories have been put forward in an attempt to explain this results with some pointing out men are more likely to smoke. But prostate cancer experts have theorised the data might be caused by the sex hormone testosterone. Italian doctors have found patients given androgen deprivation therapy, which radically cuts testosterone levels, were four times less likely to die from coronavirus. A protein, TMPRSS2, is driven up by testosterone and scientists think the virus could use this protei

Fascinating insights into ancient Great White Sharks discovered by scientists

But now, researchers have uncovered what may be the first example of an ancient paleo-nursery which could hel[ devise a strategy for keeping the species going. A future study of these grounds may help researchers understand what conditions are needed for the Great White to thrive. Young white sharks are born in designated breeding areas so they can develop without facing competition from other predators. Researchers have been searching for examples of these nurseries in order to mitigate popula

Space bombshell: China takes huge step towards human Moon landing

A Long March 5B launched the spacecraft on Tuesday which descend with three parachutes. Airbags were deployed to further cushion the landing. The new spacecraft is partially reusable, designer Guo Bin told CCTV: “We designed a foldable shield. “During the flight, when the spacecraft needs docking with the space station, the shield will spread out, exposing the rendezvous and docking mechanism and sensor.” According to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), the reentry speed was gre

Hope of coronavirus breakthrough as Ebola drug shows results in landmark study

The study involved over 1,000 patients in 75 hospitals in the world including 46 Britons. When other drugs showed more promise for ebola treatment, research was halted but the new study suggests the drug could slash coronavirus recovery time by a third after being given to subjects for ten days. About eight percent of those given the drug survived, compared to twelve percent in the placebo group, according to the Mail on Sunday. Dr Stephen Griffin, a virologist at the University of Leeds School

Coronavirus: How virtual reality revolution could play a role in tackling coronavirus

The previous models of watching mentors and slowly developing skills were often very time-consuming. But, Mr Vincent explained with VR: “It gives the ability to influence and change your skills set and teach you totally. “You’re either testing on a cadaver or a live patient, which has a lot of inherent risks.” Several NHS trusts are already making use of VR, for example, Hull University Training Schools have introduced VR to maternity wards to allow expecting mothers to experience the environmen

Coronavirus Conspiracy: Expert explains why theories spread 'more quickly than virus'

The origins of the pandemic, which are still unknown, have left people around the world baffled as the virus quickly spread around the world in a few months. Some bizarre theories include coronavirus being the body's reaction to the electromagnetic radiation from 5G waves. There is no scientific evidence to support this view, indeed the frequency of these 5G waves is between 30 to 300GHz, which is lower than the frequency of visible light or TV remote controls. Nonetheless, the theory and belie

Hubble Space Telescope detects ‘elusive’ evidence of mysterious black holes

Intermediate-mass black holes are usually harder to find according to Science Focus, but data that one is tucked away in a star cluster has been found by the Hubble Space Telescope. This could provide a valuable missing link to black hole evolution. Dacheng Lin, of the University of New Hampshire, was the lead investigator and explained: “Intermediate-mass black holes are very elusive objects, and so it is critical to carefully consider and rule out alternative explanations for each candidate.

Coronavirus hope: Oxford scientist says vaccine could be ready for September

Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, told The Times that she was “80 percent confident” the jab being developed by her team will work. Human trials are due to being in the next fortnight. It could be ready for use by September. The Government has indicated it would be willing to fund the creation of doses if the results of the trials were promising. Officials believe that social distancing and remote working measures might have to remain in place for some time without a

Coronavirus Carnage: Deadly virus has already mutated eight times say scientists

On average, the virus is mutating every 15 days. However, researchers have concluded the strains are not getting more deadly. NextStrain, an open database in which virus sequences were uploaded, co-founder Trevor Bedford told National Geographic: “These mutations are completely benign and useful as a puzzle piece to uncover how the virus is spreading. How to help your brain through the coronavirus crisis stress Expert gives cold warning - ‘We can only predict more epidemics' Identifying diffe

Despite China death, hantavirus is less of a threat than coronavirus - expert explains why

The couple were found to have been afflicted with a hantavirus, the first known cases of the disease in the US. On March 24 of this year, Chinese state media confirmed a man from Yunnan Province travelling to Shandong Province for work had died of hantavirus. Speaking to, Professor Jon Cohen, an infectious disease expert of Brighton and Sussex Medical School explained: “There are two families of hantaviruses, one of which causes a pneumonia type illness, another which involves kidn

Human Infection: Expert gives chilling warning - ‘We can only predict more epidemics’

Professor Rick Douglass is a hantavirus expert, based at Montana State University and Montana Tech. Hantaviruses are a group of diseases that come from rodents and can affect humans, in the Americas they attack the lungs, whilst in Eurasia, they attack the kidneys. In North America, studies have shown the mortality rate is as high as 40 percent, but this figure is much lower elsewhere, speaking to, Professor Douglass explains: “Fortunately it is not very communicable [contagious].

Coronavirus breakthrough: Malaria drug backed by Trump does help say doctors

A total of 6,200 doctors from 30 countries took part in the survey with 37 percent backing hydroxychloroquine. Physicians around the world have been given clearance to prescribe the drug, but the UK is waiting until clinical trials are completed. Hydroxychloroquine is a form of chloroquine and used by the NHS to treat rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. In Spain, the Sermo polls says, 72 percent of doctors tackling the virus have prescribed it. With 950 deaths reported in Spain over the last day, t

Simple ways you can start reducing your plastic waste

In recent years, individuals have been looking to reduce their plastic waste to become more environmentally friendly. With many of us under quarantine due to the coronavirus crisis, why not focus on the way we can reduce our own waste to make a difference when life returns to normal? Plastic Free Hackney’s Daisy Hutchison told me: “It’s really easy to start and then it’s a question of commitment.” One of the tips Hutchison recommended is to always carry refillable bottles for water, which not o

Science’s battle to tackle plastic waste

Plastic waste is one of the major environmental challenges that activists have faced in recent years. I spoke to two specialists from Imperial College London about their research into tackling these issues. Plastic waste can take centuries to biodegrade. It can be washed into oceans, and be ingested by maritime species who mistake it for prey. They can also suffocate on plastic packaging. The world’s waterways are not the only place where the impact of plastic is dangerous. Plastic can also re

NASA disaster! Mars mission under threat as costs skyrocket

In a series of meetings, NASA officials laid out budget plans for 2021 that could end the Odyssey orbiter mission and limit plans for the Curiosity rover. The Perseverance rover is set to launch on July 17 and collect samples for return to Earth. According to Space News, Dr Lori Glaze, director of NASA’s planetary science division, said just a few missions would be given “very highest priority”. On Perseverance, the NASA website says: “The Perseverance rover will seek signs of ancient life and

Amazing pictures from around the world as rare 'Snow Moon' becomes visible

This phenomenon is the second full moon of winter. There is debate amongst astrologers as to whether or not this counts as a supermoon. This is when the Moon is at the closest point to the Earth in it’s orbit. Supermoon LIVE stream: How to watch the Full Snow Supermoon live? Supermoon UK: How to see the beautiful Snow Moon this weekend? According to CNN, expert Fred Espenak says it does, but another, Richard Nolle, says that will happen on March 9. The full moon signals the start of the Jewi

NASA terrified it could be shut out from the International Space Station next year

The report blames commercial crew delays from Boeing and SpaceX, neither of whom are likely to be certified for regular flights to the ISS by the summer. SpaceX will have a certification review in January while Boeing will have to wait until the following month. The report concludes “final vehicle certification for both contractors will likely be delayed at least until summer 2020 based on the number of ISS and CCP [commercial crew programme] certification requirements that remain to be verified

Former NASA scientist makes a shocking confession about life on Mars after Viking missions

Gilbert Levin made the stunning suggestion in Scientific American. Mr Levin claimed the Viking missions uncovered signs of alien life. He wrote: “What is the evidence against the possibility of life on Mars? “The astonishing fact is that there is none. “Furthermore, laboratory studies have shown that some terrestrial microorganisms could survive and grow on Mars.” The Viking trips were NASA’s first trips to the fourth planet from The Sun. Martian soil samples were taken by two landers to search

Fossil of ‘largest flying animal ever’ that hunted dinosaurs found on Isle of Wight

The wingspan of the creature is at least 20ft and the species could weigh up to 650lbs. Pterosaurs, which are believed to have hunted baby dinosaurs, had fascinated scientists as they seemed too heavy to take off but as per The Times, computerised 3D modelling has suggested they may have used their large leg and wing muscles as catapults. Robert Coram, a professional fossil hunter who made the find, said: “It might have been the largest flying creature that had ever lived up to that time.” They
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